Wednesday, 25 January 2012

What about travel for leisure,... that still allowed? Well in short, no. So I guess now is the time to discuss our intended trip to New Zealand in seven weeks time. This holiday goes against the entire point of this journey, well in theory anyway. Perhaps when I finish discussing our plans it will seem essential? I hope so...

This trip has been on the cards for quite some time, for our family to reunite and celebrate my Oma's 85th birthday. We always knew it was coming and we were always going, but it is only now becoming somewhat awkward with this challenge. My Oma is getting up there in age, she is losing her memory and quite frankly this will be the first and last time she ever meets my husband and daughter. Based on these elements alone I see this trip as entirely essential.

Now however essential the trip is there are still aspects that would not sit well with me, things like taking a vacation from the challenge while we are there and picking back up when we got home. That's not how this works and as such we will be living in New Zealand almost exactly the same as we do here. How?

  • We are staying with relatives to avoid spending money on accommodation.
  • We will be doing a grocery shop and packing our lunches when we head out for the day.
  • We will eat dinner at home and if this is absolutely unavoidable; as it will be for the birthday dinner, we will order the bare essentials, so no fancy drinks (water will suffice), and no entrĂ©es or desserts. 
  • We will travel by public transport when family are not an option.
  • We will sightsee with our eyes and not our wallets.
We will be gone 10 days and I think this should keep us in good stead with this challenge. Although the trip doesn't sit well with me in the grand scheme of things, I think we can make it work.

The 'No Poo' is coming along. I must say my hair is disgusting at the moment. It is oily, knotty and just gross, but I was warned that this is part of the process and my scalp will eventually settle down. Add to the oiliness some re-growth from cancelling all my hair appointments for the year and its quite a disaster zone right now. I have a packet of blonde hair dye coming from a lovely friend over east which I will use as soon as it arrives! Best part is, it didn't cost a cent!

I finally put petrol in the car today, so a full tank has lasted 2.5 weeks instead of 1. I'm really happy with that. I think it comes down to walking more, being direct with my travel when I do have to use the car and having no airconditioning. You will also be pleased to hear Lila and I are surviving just fine without aircon and here in Perth it has been very very hot.

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