Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Do you no poo?...

...was the question asked of me recently when discussing this challenge with some mums at a recent catch up. "Excuse me?" I said?
She asked again, "Do you no poo?"
I was completely baffled as to what she was going on about until she explained herself. "Do you use shampoo?"
Well yes I use shampoo, doesn't everyone? Turns out not everyone does and quite a few of these ladies in the group didn't. Their hair wasn't a oil slick or a crazy frizball of knots, it looked healthy, it was shiny, and looked how you'd expect perfectly washed hair to look. I was so intrigued that I researched a little when I got home and learnt some interesting things. Apparently our body is designed to make the perfect amount of oil for our hair, and shampoo and conditioner strips these oils requiring your scalp to produce oil quicker and thus requiring more washes. Apparently if left alone your hair doesn't need any of the shampoo and conditioner hype (this little snippet prompted a lot of "I told you so" from Luke. "See, I've been on the right track all along!"). It does warn you though that there would be a trial period after giving up shampoo and conditioner where your hair will be quite 'gross', and gives you a very simple recipe of bicarb and vinegar to get you through the points where you can not bear it any more. It will however eventually get to a point where you do not need anything... WOW! You guessed it, I'm going to try to ditch the chemicals in that area too.

EDIT - Here is a really interesting article a lovely reader sent me. It really is very fascinating.

Two weeks into January and the air conditioning in our car has decided to play up, and by play up I mean it's not working. We know what is wrong and it is totally fixable but it has lead to many a discussion. I put the question out to a few people to gauge thoughts, is air conditioning in a car essential, do we fix it? The majority of people claimed that having a child in the summer in Australia made air conditioning an essential. In fact the only person who said it wasn't was my mum, who was prompt to state that she never had it with us. After much thought we have decided NOT to fix it. Sure its going to be inconvenient, and gross, and I'll long for the gentle blast of cool air, but many survive without it and it really is only a luxury I've become accustomed to. After all I didn't have air conditioning in my old car and I survived a summer with a newborn.

I went out to a lunch this week with some wonderful mums. We went to a local brewery, which I admit sounds a little odd but it is very child friendly with a huge sandpit and many kids happily playing. There were gourmet pizzas, salads, yummy chips and ice cold beer on our table. It was hard not to order, I felt in a way like I was depriving poor Lila as all the other children munched on the food. I had planned ahead however, and had cut up some fruit and veges for her to munch on while we were there, and I had eaten before leaving home. We had water packed with us so although it was hard and my mouth was watering, we didn't spend a cent.

We have started working on a small trial vegetable/herb garden. It has been hard to get to it as the days are so hot and our gorgeous daughter wakes up burnt if she even dreams about the sun. On Sunday the evening cooled off and became overcast so we took the chance to rip up the bricks and have a look at what we had to work with, which is not a lot at all. In spite of our lack of fertile soil, or any soil for that matter, we feel like we've made some inroads, and our parsley is sitting there nicely amongst the dirt, although looking a bit dead itself at the moment. We're now on the lookout for some nice soil to replace the sandy dirt, then we'll be off to the markets to get our first plants.


  1. Dont be scared to reconsider the air con. I am so impressed with what you are doing and love reading on but the no aircon and small child sounds unsustainable in the long term. Making changes where you can is great but I would get the aircon fixed for health and safety reasons and you should not feel guilty about it.

  2. Thanks Lilypily :)

    Of course the aircon situation will be a constant consideration. I would never allow it to impact on our health negatively or cause harm and i do not travel with Lila in conditions where it is too hot. For now it doesn't feel like a priority as we have not had it for a couple of weeks now and have survived the hot weather just fine with some careful planning and consideration as to when we actually travel. If it does come to a point where it is simply not working then of course it will be fixed.

  3. We've been considering the No 'poo thing too! Its on the 'to do' list at the moment. Will be interested to see how you go.
    I think air conditioning really is a luxury these days. It's only been in the last 15 years or so that it has been seen as a necessity. There are lots of cooling down activities you can do with Lila at home if you will be reducing air conditioning there too! coloured ice cube play anyone?! ;)

  4. Chele, do you find it hard in social situations like that? Do people look at you weird (IYKWIM) or ask you why you are not ordering etc?
    I know I can get this reaction just from deciding not to have alcohol, so I am wondering how much harder it is for you? Melissa B :)

  5. Hi Mel - We have not encountered any weirdness yet as everyone we've been around knows the situation. I'm sure we'll encounter some weirdness in the future, I shall let you know how it goes!

  6. With the No poo as a hairdresser it is easy to go with the shampoo thing, but as a mum and having grown up in era that you only washed your hair twice a week when I was young, coming form a family that did not have much the lemon tree for the final rinse was the high light of the hair washing days.
    Shampoo strips the hair of its natural oils and you will find that it can cause many of todays problems with hair. Natural Is always best.