Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Are we alive?

Yes! Life has been crazy busy with a trip to New Zealand, 8 new teeth for Lila, trips up north for Luke's work and a busy work schedule for myself.

New Zealand was wonderful. The trip itself was enjoyable but the spending not so much. We stuck to our initial plans of packing lunches where possible however there were occasions where we were caught out, including one instance where it cost us a little over $3.00 for ONE BLOODY BANANA! Needless to say Luke was royally peeved. On the whole we discovered that this anti consumerism challenge has become a way of life for us, spending felt weird, it felt unnecessary and thus infuriating when we had to do it. I also felt great pride at the shock expressed from family members when I proudly informed them all my 'fancy' outfits rarely cost me more than $5.00! In fact that's a trend I've noticed a lot lately, a lot of compliments on my clothing and enquiries as to where I purchased said items, of course there is the usual groan when I reply 'op-shop'

Apart from that life has been chaotic and I think rather than trying to re-hash what has happened (zwhich in the anti- consumerism challenge front isn't much more than living our day to day life not spending) we'll just pick up from here and say hi, we're back and we look forward to continuing our journey with you all.

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