Wednesday, 28 December 2011


It was never my intention to blog about my family's plans for the new year. In fact I've abstained from really getting into the blogging world for a number of reasons; the main one being, who would actually want to read my ramblings? However, as the new year approaches I have had a fair few requests for me to somehow keep a record of the journey we are about to make. So.. that leaves me here, a big computer screen to fill, a computer screen which in a sense is at the very heart of the journey we are about to embark on...

'The Anti-Consumerism Challenge'

Throughout this past year I have often found myself wondering, what is true happiness, and how is it achieved? In a society that is so driven by material things, the ability to find happiness in the simple things seems to be lost and replaced by an intense need to consume for instant gratification. We live in such a throw away society where we want want want, and I think to myself, when will enough be enough?

The position of many is that we must consume, if we don't then there will not be enough jobs. It's a crock, there are enough jobs, its just we're creating the wrong type of jobs. Why do we need people working at creating an extensive range of electric toothbrushes when we could be creating jobs that tackle areas such as smarter energy use? There's an outcry that we are overpopulated. There are restraints on countries to limit offspring they are 'allowed' to produce when in truth, research shows there is ample food available to sustain our population, the real issue is on average humans consume 40% more food than actually necessary.

My thoughts about this go on and on and this blog is by no means some rant that sets about to change the world. I'm not naive, this issue is enormous, I question whether it will ever be resolved in my lifetime, I highly doubt it.
What I do intend to do with this blog is document my family's journey.Our journey to take a step back from the materialistic world, to slowly but surely make changes to our lifestyle so that we become more self sufficient as a family. We aim to raise children who are not driven by a need for instant gratification, children that can find joy in exploring the bushland, children that know where their food came from and children who find happiness through their interactions with people and this planet.

'The Rules'

1) Abstain from purchasing any new clothing - exclusions will be bras and underwear.
2) Groceries bought are to be local produce where possible, store bought items must be local community supermarkets.
3) All food items bought will be essential items - no treats and unnecessary extras.
4) Cleaning products may be bought.
5) Where possible ride, walk or catch public transport.
6) Gifts must be handmade or second-hand.

So there it is. We begin January 1st 2012 and aim to live like this for the entire year. I look forward to recording the trials and tribulations we face and how it really tests us as both individuals and a family...

Lila and I

Luke and Lila


  1. Can't wait to see how you go! Good luck!!

  2. Look forward to reading Chele - I'm doing it too... scared to death. ;)

  3. I just put you onmmy blog list. Hopenyou don't mind. I am attempting the same thing in 2012. I will look on in interest to see how you are doing. you can do the same at Feel free to comment and become a follower. Best wishes

  4. Oops forgive my typos in previous post.

  5. Thank you Superstar =)

    Vic - Hi! It is very scary isn't it! do you have a blog?

    Deb - Thanks for dropping in, I most definitely do not mind, I look forward to following your journey :)

  6. Looking forward to following your journey! What an amazing thing to do.